Types Of Kayaks - Inflatable Kayaks

When many people think of inflatable kayaks, the first thing that may come to mind is lack of durability and strength. But, with the new manufacturing processes and materials now available, these kayaks are much more than just blow-up toys. Some inflatables are even designed for the rigours of whitewater paddling.

inflatable kayaks

There many advantages to having a quality inflatable kayak in addition to the limited space storage capabilities. These inflatables are also much more buoyant on the water because of their numerous air chamber design and much easier to carry to the water's edge. Yes, you do have to add air when you reach your destination, but new pumps are available to handle the task with ease.

The Versatility and Design Options of Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks do not require any form of vehicle rack for transport to the water. In fact, you could even jump on the bus to get to your paddling destination. Plane travel is also a convenience with a good quality inflatable, regardless of your goal or intended use. As with hard body kayaks, inflatables are designed for specific classes of users. These uses include recreation, fishing, touring, whitewater, and extreme kayaking.

You should always consider the primary use, weight parameters, and your height before deciding which quality inflatable kayak will safely and best serve your purpose. It is advisable to purchase your inflatable in new condition. If a used inflatable kayak is on the market, it is essential to check for signs of wear and areas that have been patched. You don't know if a used inflatable has been adequately cared for and you should consider purchasing new to avoid structural and safety problems.

Finding the Best Quality at the Best Price

There are numerous inflatable kayaks review sites on the Internet. These review sites should help you determine how other paddlers have rated specific inflatables after use. There are many inflatable brands available, but the best quality should be your goal when you are inflatable kayak comparison shopping. You should also visit local kayak shops see what models are in stock to gain further insight.

The great thing about inflatables is that it is much more comfortable and less expensive to have a new kayak delivered directly to your door. Hard body kayaks are quite costly to ship and usually require pick-up at the shipping company warehouse. With inflatables, you have the option to quickly find the best rates on your inflatable kayak purchase regardless of origination location.

Some tours include equipment in various locals that offer only inflatable canoe or kayak options on paddling excursions. Taking one of these paddling tours will give you the opportunity to test paddle inflatable kayak equipment first hand in waters similar to your intended use. Another option would be to attend a  paddling expo. These as usually held at the water's edge and typically offer paddler the opportunity to try out the latest equipment.

Another critical benefit of new inflatable models is the money that you will save on initial equipment costs. A quality inflatable kayak will cost approximately half the price of a comparable hard body model. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced paddler, it is easy to see why inflatables are fast becoming a popular paddling choice.

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