Waterproof Dry Storage for Kayaks Could Save Your Life

When paddling, your cell phone is your lifeline to the rest of the world, and During normal conditions, moisture is the biggest destroyer of portable communications equipment. One can only imagine how susceptible to damage these devices are when on the water. It is essential to use a waterproof cell phone carrier for kayaking to communicate when necessary.

Many of these carriers also float, which can be a definite advantage when you are paddling on open waters. You should have a quality waterproof case for all of your sensitive equipment when paddling. Dry case styles are available for cameras, portable GPS units, binoculars, iPhones, iPods, camcorders, and cell phone to name a few, Anything that is moisture sensitive should be in a waterproof case for kayaking.

Keeping Things Dry On the Water

Dry bags and cases come in all shapes and sizes. The manufacturing materials used differ significantly, as does the quality. You should not skimp on the quality of kayaking equipment, and that includes dry bags and cases. There is even a cell phone carrier for kayaking that has the option of waterproof headset use. The headset is plugged into the case, and then you can talk on your cell phone while the phone remains dry and secure in your PFD pocket. Now, how cool is that?

Good quality paddling equipment does cost a little more but will last for years with proper maintenance and care. Dry bags and carriers protect expensive equipment from sand, dust, and water and are a fraction of the replacement cost of the things they protect. Warranties or insurance typically will not cover moisture or water damage to electronic equipment. So it makes perfect sense to protect.

Comparison Shopping and Measurement for Proper Fit

There are many online sites where you can get product reviews and pricing for a  waterproof cell phone case for kayaking. These dry bag sites generally carry an array of options for all of your electronic and supply toting needs. You should also check with your local paddle shops although their stock-on-hand can be limited. Just familiarise yourself with the products and pricing available.

To be sure when ordering a waterproof case or carrier for kayaking, you should learn how to measure your cell phone or other equipment to make sure that what you buy is the right fit. The first measurement that you take should be of the overall length. You should next measure the circumference (distance all the way around the unit). Write down your findings.


Websites that carry waterproof cases and in-store packaging should provide the parameters of the overall dimensions that will adequately fit in each case. Some electronics may fit in waterproof cases that were designed for other equipment so don't let the names fool. Check the measurements to be sure. You should also decide if you want your waterproof cases to float.

If you are extreme kayaking, the dry gear would be something you are not likely to need. You should, however, make sure that your case is made well, with powerful attachment features. Your PFD should have secure closures as well. The bottom-line here is to purchase the right waterproof cell phone case and other dry carriers that will be best suited for your kayaking needs. Stay safe now, and have a great time.

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