At Kayak Shops, we have a great selection of kayak accessories to help make your experience on the water even better. Below you’ll find sail kids, paddle leashes, life jackets, bilge pumps, and more. Whether you're looking for something to keep you safe on the water, or just to make your time on the water more comfortable, our selection of kayak accessories has something for everyone. Explore the entire Kayak Shops online store to find the perfect accessories to make your kayaking experience even more enjoyable, then place your order with us today!

Accessories (24)

WestWind Kayak Sail Kit w/Bag


Vision Kayak Sail Kit w/Bag


Coiled Lanyard Kayak Paddle Leash


10 Inch TPU Paddle Board Leash / Surf Board Leash


12 Inch Paddle Board Leash / Surf Board Leash


VKTech Adult Polyester Swimming Life Jacket (Fishing Friendly)


VKTech Polyester Adult Life Vest


18' Sea Kayak Anchor System + 30ft PVC Drift Anchor Tow Rope


46cm Kayak Hand Bilge Pump

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